Annual Acouscenic Listening Intensive
SAcouscenic Listening Intensive Workshop with Sean Taylor and Mikael Fernstrom
A Creative Listening, Mindful Movement and Performance Intensive.

Softday regularly hosts one-day Acouscenic Listening Intensives. The focus is on the study of listening, creative soundwalking and the mindful meditative practices of Tai Chi and Qigong. A intensive is intended to enhance participant’s perception of sound and silence, offering a unique approach for situated soundscapes, as well as offering movement/sound/and listening improvisations and strategies. These strategies are designed to enhance our skills in mindfulness, listening, and attuning to place, body and voice as instruments of creativity and well-being. Participants get to practice techniques that help to release stress, and to quiet and nurture themselves through energy exercises and sonic meditations. There is time and space for individual and group creativity, playfulness and improvised performance to emerge. An intensive is designed for participants to have the opportunity to be with oneself and to also have the support and camaraderie of the group. This workshop is open to all creative practitioners and members of the public who are interested in exploring Acouscenic Listening as a creative tool.

No previous experience of any of the disciplines involved required.

Example of a previous sound-map/graphical score
Acouscenic Listening Intensive Workshop with Sean Taylor and Mikael Fernstrom
Audio clips from previous acouscenic intensives