Etain agus Midhir

The classical myth of Orpheus and Eurydice has comparisons with stories from Celtic mythology. In particular the Ophidian myth bears a strong relationship to the ancient Celtic story of the Wooing of Etain.

The story tells of Eochaid unsuccessful attempt to rescue his wife Etain who was seduced and taken by Midhir the Fairy King to his invisible Faerie World.

In the story or the Wooing of Etain three distinctive types of enchanted music are mentioned, in the Irish language these are referred to as:
Goltraighte (Music that produces Weeping), Geantraighte (Music that produces Laughter) and Suantraighe (Music that produces Sleep).

This electro acoustic composition describes Eochaid decent into the realm of Midhir the Fairy King, in search of his beloved Etain. Midhir challenges Eoctain with the words: Cén fádh an bhfúil tú anseó? (Why are you here?). Midhir cleverly tricks Eochaid into giving him his beloved Etain as a prize over a game of Fidchell (an ancient form of chess)

In the final movement of Etain agus Midhir, Midhir puts his arm around his prize Etain and changing them both into birds, disappears forever.