The Guesthouse - DELICIOSO

Softday (with The Quiet Club) live and cooking at The Guesthouse, Cork February 14th, 2010. The Sunday lunch Event was made possible by donations to the larder and the generosity of the host chefs.

Softay first did one performance. Then, the Quiet Club did one. Finally Softday and the Quiet Club did a joint performance.


The Guesthouse

In 2004 the Cork Artists Collective approached Cork City Council to find a suitable building that facilitated a kind of artistic practice outside of the studio. Cork City Council as part of their cultural plan offered CAC the use of a building in the Shandon area that had been previously used as a Guest house.
Between 2005 and 2007 the Guesthouse was renovated with support from the Arts Council  and the City Council in collaboration with the C.A.C. The building was developed to accommodate a residential space in the attic, with separate shower and kitchen, a project room on the second floor, a project room on the first floor and a kitchen and dining room on the ground floor.
The Guesthouse runs a series of cultural events including a monthly Sunday Lunch Event that invites artists to initiate performances, presentations, screenings, cook and also facilitates artists visiting the city to meet up with the arts community and those in related disciplines to engage with a community.