About LUBS

Softday, in collaboration with the Limerick City Gallery of Art, worked on a new project inspired by scientific and creative findings during the Amhran na mBeach (Song of the Bees).

Working with new participants and data around pollination and bees, a dialogue with the city of Limerick and its citizens was initiated to explore the potential of beekeeping in the city

A co-operative is under formation, made up of new and interested urban beekeepers in Limerick city. Working with (existing and) new communities of interest, viable bee hives in the city have been established, encouraging Limerick city beekeeping and honey production.

Softday engaged with established beekeepers to undertake training and workshops in beekeeping for those citizens who wished to work with us. Softday also worked collaboratively and creatively with the new LUBS members to create significant artworks as part of this project.

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