Donnacha Toomey


Donnacha Toomey is a native of Limerick who has relocated to Kerry in recent years. He currently works as a Media Lecturer within the Creative Media Department at the Institute of Technology, Tralee where his research interests include Songwriting, Ethnicity and Identity. Donnacha has been a musician for most of his life having produced a number of critically acclaimed recorded works including Level Crossing (2012) and Carnival of Colours (2009). He is currently completing a practice based Ph.D. at the University of Limerick. He is a member of the Popular Music Research Cluster at UL and ISTR (Irish Society for Theatre Research) for which he has presented performance-based research in musicology. He graduated from the Interactive Multimedia Masters programme at the University of Limerick in 2003 and has previously worked as Production Co-ordinator at Ireland’s cultural and arts radio station RTÉ Lyric FM.

A Dhuine Uaisle Uachtair Reoite (Better World in Mind)

Please leave a little space for me

This time next year I’ll be three

Thank you for the freedom and the sovereignty

And protecting our equality

It’s good to know that everything is sound

Just had the politicians ‘round

Smiling wider then their poster photos

Reassuring all the voters.


We have a better world in mind, Paint it open and paint it wide
We’ll stand over its design. An ice-cream chime as our guide
An ice-cream chime as our guide

A dhuine uaisle, Uachtair Reoite

A dhuine uaisle, Uachtair Reoite




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