Limerick Oddity

The Limerick Oddity

Softday is creating "The Limerick Oddity", Saturday the 16th of June 2012. It is a sort of Joycean project. Softday will recreate sonically parts of Bloom's epic Dublin journey but in Limerick on Bloomsday, translocating the psycho-geography of Joyce's Dublin to the reality of Softday's Limerick of 2012. Softday will document both sonically and visually the soundscapes of Limerick while paying homage to the mapping of sites and sounds of Joyce's Dublin.

Feel free to catch up with us when we make our way through Limerick City!

You can follow us on twitter, @softdayart

This is the first raw version collected this Bloomsday 2012:

As you can hear, there are some fluctuations in the thaumic field, but that's what you get with an Oddity.