Softday @ Skibbereen 2013

Soundwalk | Workshop | Performance

We were delighted to be back at Skibbereen Arts Festival as it's a vibrant venue filled with exciting experiences. We had activities all day, the 2nd of August 2013.


We started our day with a public soundwalk. A number of brave participants had brought their recording devices or mobile phones to follow us on a trail in and around Skibbereen.

View Softday soundwalk in Skibbereen in a larger map

Listening at the Observation Point, overlooking (overhearing?) Skibbereen.

Searching for quiet sounds in the Old Cemetary.

Listening for underwater sounds with a hydrophone but mostly hearing the building site for the new arts centre.


In the afternoon, the participants in the soundwalk and a few more joined us in a workshop, discussing what we had heard and experienced during the morning session. We also did some listening exercises.


In the evening, we did a performance of:




Loopy Sonic Salad in progress

Sharing not only the sounds of the Loopy Sonic Salad, but also the salad.

The Loopy Sonic Salad - listening and eating

Soundwalkers joining the performance