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Song of the [Urban] Bees

Softday, in collaboration with the Limerick City Gallery of Art, presented a re-scored live performance of Amhran na mBeach (Song of the Bees) at the Crescent Hall in Limerick City, the 19th of October 2014, at 19:00. This was based on our scientific and creative findings during the original Amhran na mBeach (Song of the Bees, 2010-2013).

Song of the [Urban] Bees

Softday worked with various communities of interest and data around pollination and bees, in a dialogue with the city of Limerick and its citizens to explore the potential of beekeeping in the city. The creative result is a sound and music performance, including the Boherbuoy Brass and Reed Band, the Blue Monk Quartet, the Softday Apiary Ensemble and surprise elements.

This special Limerick City version of Amhrán na mBeach (Song of the Bees) was supported by the Limerick City Gallery of Art and the Limerick City of Culture 2014.

We are currently working on the postproduction and mastering of a video from the concert, all the soundtracks, an ebook and a limited edition artefact that contain the resulting media.

While you are waiting for the final artefact, have a listen to our re-mediation of our Song of the Bees (both urban and rural) from the Irish Museum of Modern Art, 1st of December 2014.