Vattuskräck at Sonic Vigil V

Vattuskräck is the Swedish word for hydrophobia, normally associated with rabies. This improvised work incorporated hydrophone underwater recordings from Donegal and Killybegs Harbour, combined with electroacoustic elements and deconstructed Sean-nós singing.

This was performed live at the Sonic Vigil V 2010 in St Fin Barre's Cathedral in Cork.

Sean and Mikael performing Vattuskräck

Softday at work, performing Vattuskräck. Photo courtesy of Patricia Klich.

For Vattuskräck, we designed and built a special device, a large suspended steel plate and by holding a plastic bottle half-filled with water against the plate, in various locations, and singing through a plastic tube - bubbling the human voice - we could pick up a "drowning voice" with a contact microphone. This was set against a backdrop of electronic sounds and samples from a number of percussive everyday sounds sequenced and processed in pd.

Softday preparing for teh gig

Experimenting with "drowning voice".