Dirty Water (Uisce Salach)


Dirty Water, Uisce Salach


On the 11th of January 2018, Softday organised a workshop in Science Gallery Dublin, prototyping the ideas behind Uisce Salach (Dirty Water).

CREATE Ireland helped us organise the workshop.

Dirty Water initial workshop

In this workshop, we prototyped our approach, exploring new possibilities for a socially engaged art approach. We tried to make water analysis a citizen’s science, aiming to enable every household to be able to analyse and then aggregate data from neighbourhoods, parishes, counties, etc., so that we all can see (or hear) the bigger picture and how it is changing over time.

We invited each participant to bring a small water sample (from a kitchen tap, well or local river). Notes were taken of the date, time and exact location of samples and a short description of the context of the samples was gathered.

We analysed all samples on the day and made a map, as well as making sound and music from water data.