Public Water Quality Testing Day

13th of August 2019

Water sampling by citizen scientists

Uisce Salach (Dirty Water)

Uisce Salach, Dirty Water

Get sampling!

Water bottles for samples and instructions were collected on the day from the offices of Create at 2 Curved Street, Temple Bar.

Collaboration with Dublin’s City Kayaking

Dublin’s City Kayaking also participated in this event as part of their on-going campaign to clean up the River Liffey. They can be contacted at: 085-866 7787. To further show their support for this project City Kayaking offered a 30% discount on bookings during the month of August to people interested in the Liffey water quality.

Sample from the Ferry

We had the Liffey ferry between 14:00 and 16:00. We travelled up and down parts of the Liffey taking water samples.

Some photos of the day

The Jeanie Johnston

Travelling up the River Liffey

The Pelican of London

Travellling down the River Liffey

Samuel Becket Bridge

The Diving Bell