Underground Unknown and Forgottens

Underground Unknown and Forgottens - World Listening Day 2012 in Limerick City

There are parts of Limerick City that are normally not visible or audible, and for World Listening Day 2012, we are planning to explore some of these places - the Underground Unknown and Forgottens of Limerick City. When the Georgian part of Limerick City was built, starting in the 1760s, a vast system of tunnels and sewers was constructed, underground. These tunnels are now supposed to be unused and most people are not aware of what is underfoot when walking around the city today. In recent years, Limerick City Council have destroyed rather than conserved parts of this architectural and infrastructure heritage, as described for example here and here. If the entire underground city was to be filled in with concrete, where will the zombies and mutants of Limerick go?

Under Thomas Street

Under Thomas Street. Courtesy of Miriam Lohan

Softday and a number of brave sound walkers went on an underground expedition for World Listening Day 2012, the 18th of July, and explored the sound of some of the remaining tunnels. What does underground Limerick sound like? Is there any life down there?

We gathered at Bourke's Bar, 72 Catherine Street, at 12:00 noon, the 18th of July 2012, and continued to Kleiser's Piano Shop, to 31 Thomas Street (and Dr. John's), to the White House Pub on O'Connell Street and finally down to the River Shannon, which all tunnels used to connect to.

If you have audio recordings or photos from the adventure, we would be really happy if you shared them with us and we will put them up here or link to them.

Here are some preliminary clips:


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