2016-03-15 : We have a new Citizen's Anthem!
The voting has now concluded. After a very positive public response, here are the results:

We hereby announce that the winner is Donnacha Toomey's A Dhaoine Uaisle Uachtair Reoite (Better World in Mind)

Both melodies were converted to ice cream chimes.

We now call on YOU, all citizens, to join us on the April 24th 2016 where the winning composition will be played at various locations in Limerick by two ice cream vans, culminating in a public performance / singing of the Citizens' Anthem, and enjoying some ice cream!

Map of the route and timetable to be published shortly.

The winning CITIZENS ANTHEM for 2016 will premier on two Shannon Ices ice cream vans at the People’s Park on Sunday 24 April as part of the EVA International Biennale of Contemporary Art. The performance will be complemented with free ice creams in collaboration with Shannon Ices.

Further information:




NICE SCREAMS – A CITIZENS' ANTHEM is an opportunity to have your say. You, the public, are invited to create a citizen’s anthem celebrating Ireland of 2016. The competition is open to everyone and the winning prize includes €200. The song will be converted to a jingle, playing on two Shannon Ices ice-cream vans at various locations in Limerick. The citizens' anthem will premiere at EVA International - Ireland's Biennial of contemporary art on Sunday, April 24th 2016.

NICE SCREAMS – A CITIZENS' ANTHEM is a socially engaged collaborative project by Softday and Deirdre Power


  • €200 prize for the overall winner
  • The selected composition will be converted to a jingle, playing on two ice-cream vans at various locations in Limerick, allowing the public to experience the soundwork and complementary ice creams.
  • The winning entry will premier at the EVA International Biennale of Contemporary Art in Limerick in April 2016


  1. Proposals should be posted or delivered to the Limerick Leader office, 54 O'Connell Street, Limerick. Online entries should be forwarded to nicescreams@softday.ie
  2. Please include NICE SCREAMS – A CITIZENS' ANTHEM in the subject line of the email or mail
  3. The online proposal must be completed and attached as a single PDF file or Word Doc including all supporting material. This should be titled CITIZENS' ANTHEM and not exceed 10MB in size. Audio formats should either be WAV, AIFF or MP3.
  4. Please also include an image of yourself. All images should be contained within the body of the PDF file and captioned accordingly. If you wish to record your composition and send it as a link please upload your video and audio work in a web page (e.g. Vimeo, YouTube, Soundcloud, website) and include the link within your PDF.
  5. If you are submitting a hard copy by post please record your composition on CD or USB Flash Memory device, and include your PDF and your audio recording.
  6. NICE SCREAMS – A CITIZENS' ANTHEM will not accept proposal submissions that do not meet these guidelines.
  7. Closing date for entries is 17:00 on Friday the 19th February 2016. Late submissions will not be accepted after this date.


NICE SCREAMS – A CITIZENS' ANTHEM seeks proposals from members of the public, musicians, artists, and performers from all backgrounds, working in any media or discipline. Prior experience is not a condition of acceptance. The competition will be inclusive and open to everyone, which has an amateur ethos and aesthetic.


  1. The competition NICE SCREAMS – A CITIZENS' ANTHEM is open to all citizens of the country as well as citizens of other nationalities currently residing or seeking residence in Ireland.
  2. The compositions must not have been commercially released before February 2016.
  3. The maximum duration of the composition is 3 minutes.
  4. The selection jury of Softday and Deirdre Power will select the winning composition and their decision will be final.
  5. Email your proposal as single PDF file to nicescreams@softday.ie with NICE SCREAMS – A CITIZENS' ANTHEM in the subject line of the email. Please make sure your proposal includes the following: name, address, email, phone and website (if applicable). Biography; please tell us a bit about yourself (max 400 words). Composition proposal summary, please provide a brief summary (max 600 words) about the composition you are proposing.
  6. The winning composition will be arranged by Softday/Deirdre Power and performed as part of EVA International Biennale of Contemporary Art with the permission of the composer.

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