World Water Day

22nd of March 2019

Uisce Salach (Dirty Water)

Uisce Salach, Dirty Water at Science Gallery Dublin. Photo courtesy of E. Hulm

Softday at Science Gallery Dublin. Photo courtesy of R. Hulm

Public water sampling day

We invited the public as citizen scientists to gather water samples anywhere along the River Liffey and its tributaries on World Water Day, Friday 22nd March 2019. All samples are being analysed and the data will be used to construct a new artwork - Uisce Salach.

Water sample bottles

Samuel Becket brige and the Diving Bell

River Liffey, the Samuel Becket bridge and the Diving Bell.

Participating citizen scientists picked up their water sampling kits from the Science Gallery Dublin.

Some pollution was highly visible, especially along the quays and the docks.

rubbish in the water.

Data protection

All data collected in this project will be anonymised and only used for creating an artwork.